The City of Chania - Distance from the apartment: 24km

Chania is a coastal city and is the second largest city of Crete after Heraklion. It is the administrative, economic, commercial and communication center not only of the municipality, but of the whole Prefecture of Chania and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Greece.

The city of Chania is built on the ruins of ancient Kydonia. In the past, Chania was besieged by many invaders of different cultures, whose characteristics are reflected in the numerous monuments. However, it managed, over the passage of centuries, to keep unaltered the local original features, despite the growing tourism. This makes Chania to be the most picturesque town of Crete

Chania is a perfect choice for accessing and exploring the island. Browse the Venetian Harbor, visit the Archaeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Lighthouse, the Shipyards, the bustling Municipal Market with its extraordinary architecture and selection of local flavors, the Venetian walls, the Synagogue, the Fortress Firka, the Yali Tzamisi and the Trimartiris Cathedral.

Samaria Gorge - Distance from the apartment: 45 km

The biggest, most imposing and beautiful gorge, not only in Chania but throughout Europe, is this of Samaria. That is the best-known internationally and is a major tourist attraction since over three hundred thousand nature lovers cross the gorge every year. It is a wondrous landscape with rare geomorphic formations. It constitutes a Unique Habitat with a unique wealth of flora and fauna.

It has a rich mythology that reaches to prehistoric times and eventful history during the difficult years of Crete.

The length of the route at the boundary of the Park is 12800 km while the distance to St. Roumeli is still 3200 km. The duration of the crossing, with a rapid walking reaches up to five (5) hours, but if someone wishes to enjoy the incomparable beauty of the gorge, it is recommended to cross it with leisurely gait duration of 6-8 hours.

Falasarna Beach - Distance from the apartment: 29chm

Falasarna constitute today one of the most famous destinations in Crete, both for their beaches, and for reasons of ecological interest. You can arrive to Falassarna by the road that connects Chania to Kastelli, which continues west to the village of Platanos and Falasarna. Before Platanos, you will see a sign to Falasarna. At the top of the hill you will be enchanted by the view of the sea and the wild natural beauty of western Crete.

Falassarna Beach has been awarded as the most beautiful beach of Crete and is always included among the ten (10) best beaches in Europe. Its special features are the lovely white sand and warm, crystal clear waters.

Gramvousa Beach, Balos - Distance from the apartment: 29 km

The peninsula of Gramvousa occupies the northwest of Crete and near its Cape there are two islands, a beautiful beach, a small port protecting small boats in bad weather and the remains of a large Venetian castle. You can reach Gramvousa by organized boat trip from Kastelli or by foot.

The boat trip lasts one hour and the views of the steep cliffs are breathtaking. Walking, although the route is not difficult or long, can hardly be carried out during the summer months because the heat is intense and the sun burns unpleasant.

Elafonissi Beach - Distance from the apartment: 50km

Elafonisi is situated in on the southwest part of the Prefecture of Chania in Crete and is something between island and peninsula, because you need to walk in the water to go there.

It is a place of outstanding natural beauty, protected Natura area and is one of the most popular destinations of Chania and Crete in general. What characterizes Elafonisi are the small islands with very fine white sand that becomes pink in several places, the lagoon formed and shallow turquoise waters.

Paleochora - Distance from the apartment: 55 km

Paleochora is a seaside town on the southwest coast of Crete. It is located at a distance of 70 km away from Chania and 200 km from Heraklion. It is situated on a peninsula between two picturesque bays. It borders the Libyan Sea and fairly is considered as the "bride of the Libyan" and "Country of the Sun". In the wider region of Paleochora there are some of the most beautiful beaches of Crete.

There are several hiking trails with the European paths E4 & E1, and outside where they all end up in one of the beautiful beaches in the area.

Paleochora is ideal for several activities like swimming, surfing, water skiing, snorkeling and jet ski, photos, sailing, fishing.

In the evenings, guests can enjoy the ride, the food and coffee in coastal and central streets of Paleochora that are converted into pedestrian areas with tables.